Method name

Parameter types

Return type

  findAll _ Set
  findAll Closure Set
  flatten _ Set
  grep _ Set
  grep Object Set
  intersect Iterable Set
  leftShift Object Set
  minus Collection Set
  minus Iterable Set
  minus Object Set
  plus Collection Set
plus Iterable Set
  plus Object Set
  split Closure List
  asImmutable _ SortedMap
  asSynchronized _ SortedMap
  sort _ SortedMap
  toSorted _ Map
  asImmutable _ SortedSet
  asSynchronized _ SortedSet
  drop int SortedSet
  dropRight int SortedSet
  dropWhile Closure SortedSet
  each Closure SortedSet
  eachWithIndex Closure SortedSet
  flatten _ SortedSet
  init _ SortedSet ...

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