7.6. ADMX Migrator and ADMX Editor Tools

Since leveraging ADM files directly inside GPOs that also use ADMX files can be fraught with peril, wouldn't it be a better idea to just utilize ADMX files everywhere? That way, you can just plop 'em all in the Central Store and be done. If you already have custom ADM files and need to get them to ADMX land, there's a utility that was written by FullArmor Corporation and licensed by Microsoft to give to you for free.

It's got a silly name: the ADMX Migrator tool. Doesn't it sound like it migrates ADMX files? Well, it doesn't. Maybe it should have been called ADM2ADMX or something, but regardless of the name, it's a cool tool. You can download the tool from Microsoft here: http://tinyurl.com/ydb6ub. Note ...

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