8.2. The Strange Life of Password Policy

If you create a new GPO, link it to any OU, and then edit your new GPO, it certainly appears as if you could set the Password policy and Account Lockout policy using a GPO

But does it do anything? Let's find out.

Additionally, we'll talk about a new function in Windows Server 2008 called Fine-Grained Password Policy.

8.2.1. What Happens When You Set Password Settings at an OU Level

For example, I have a Sales OU in which I recently placed VISTA1. As you can see in Figure 8.5, I created and linked a GPO, called "Sales Password Policy," to the Sales OU. I am setting the Password policy such that the minimum password length is 10 characters.

At first glance this would seem to be counterproductive, because, ...

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