The Growth Agenda – The Essential Implications

At the end of this project, it is clear that not only is growth still a universally attractive ambition, but also that its manifestation is highly varied. From the insights it is evident that any company wishing to successfully grow needs to pay attention to a number of core points. Although there is no master to-do list for growth, from all the analysis and discussions, we can see the unmistakable ingredients that support success, not only in the companies profiled, but also in others that were part of the wider analysis that informed this project.

From all that has gone before, boiling everything down to a conclusion, we see 10 core implications for the future of successful and sustained growth.

1 Clear Ambition

Growth Champions know what and where is the prize. They know whether there is a ‘gap in the market and a market in the gap’ and also have a clear view on how to create a new market that will be a sustained growth platform. The leaders in their fields know what will differentiate a company from tomorrow's competition just as much as today's and in making full use of this have a clear, succinct, and individual ambition that employees, customers, and wider stakeholders all understand.

2 Distinctive Competence

While many organizations have identified capabilities and competences that enable them to operate and deliver products and services to their customers, few seem to have distinctive competences. Although the associated ...

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