Chapter 5

Diving into the Customer Journey


Bullet Discovering how users find out about your product

Bullet Defining the aha moment for your product

Bullet Enticing users to come back and use your product

Bullet Motivating users to pay for your product

Bullet Inspiring users to talk about your product

If there’s one concept you’ll read about a lot in this book, it’s that growth hacking is a process. I also hammer home the point about how sustainable growth happens when you increase the value you provide to your customers. You increase that value by looking for opportunities to increase value at every point in their interaction with your business. Thinking about that interaction, you'll soon notice many discrete opportunities to increase value, and you’ll notice that such opportunities generally flow in a certain order. I'd argue that understanding this general order is crucial when it comes to orienting yourself toward the biggest opportunities to grow value. I talk more about specific customer journey ...

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