Guide to CFO Success: Leadership Strategies for Corporate Financial Professionals

Book description

Proven leadership strategies that will impact your career and your company

Having the right CFO is a critical component for every company's success. Guide to CFO Success provides CFOs and those in the making with a strategic blueprint to benefit their companies and their careers. This book reveals how to build a strong, successful career plan with guidance on team building and management of the multiple relationships that CFOs face on a daily basis, plus how to balance one's work and personal life.

  • Offers strategic guidance for leadership growth for CFOs

  • Presents essential information for every CFO who wants to play a tactical role in their organization

  • Includes best practices for building and developing the most effective Finance Team

  • Features practical career advice for future Chief Financial Officers

  • From balancing one's work and personal life to dealing with the CEO, Guide to CFO Success has the answers you need to plan for a strong and successful career.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Contents
    6. Preface
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. CFO Advisors
    9. Chapter 1: Chief Financial Officer
      1. What Is a Chief FInancial Officer?
      2. Personal Attributes of a Successful CFO
      3. Skills Required for CFO Success
      4. CFOs Are Different
      5. Work–Life Balance
      6. The Other Important Thing to Balance
      7. Career versus Employer: A Question of Ethics?
      8. Focusing on Your Career Helps Your Employer
      9. Conclusion
    10. Part One: Successful Career Strategies for the CFO
      1. Chapter 2: Planning for Career Success
        1. Playing to Your Strengths
        2. Personal Brand
        3. Networking
        4. Social Media for the CFO
        5. Skills Development
        6. Career Coaching
        7. Conclusion
      2. Chapter 3: Career Danger Signs
        1. Career Danger Signs
        2. Conclusion
      3. Chapter 4: Should a CFO Moonlight?
        1. Perception Is Reality
        2. Acceptable Moonlighting Methods
        3. Conclusion
      4. Chapter 5: The CFO in Transition
        1. The Grieving Process
        2. Welcome to Your New Job
        3. Ideal State
        4. Catching Up From Behind
        5. How CFOs Find Their Next Opportunity
        6. Accepting Your Next CFO Role
        7. Negotiating Your Next Employment Contract
        8. Conclusion
      5. Chapter 6: Starting Your New CFO Role
        1. Onboarding
        2. Onboarding Experiences of Real CFOs
        3. Conclusion
    11. Part Two: Successful Employment Strategies for the CFO
      1. Chapter 7: Planning for Success at Your Employer
        1. The Case for a Formal Plan for Success
        2. Executive Coaching for the CFO
        3. Conclusion
      2. Chapter 8: Relationship Management for the CFO
        1. The CFO Relationship Map
        2. Elements of Relationship Management
        3. Examples of Successful CFO Relationship Management
        4. Examples of Failed CFO Relationships
        5. Why Do CFO Relationships Fail?
        6. Conclusion
      3. Chapter 9: Relationships with the CEO, Board, and Investors
        1. The CEO Relationship
        2. Relationship with Your Board of Directors
        3. Relationship with Investors
        4. Other Situations
        5. Conclusion
      4. Chapter 10: Relationships with Fellow Executives
        1. Human Resources
        2. Information Technology
        3. Marketing
        4. Sales
        5. Production
        6. Conclusion
      5. Chapter 11: Relationships with Outsiders
        1. Auditors
        2. Lenders
        3. Lawyers
        4. Other Outside Relationships
        5. Conclusion
      6. Chapter 12: Building and Developing Your Finance Team
        1. Elements of a Great Finance Team
        2. The Cost of a Great Finance Team
        3. Plan for a Great Finance Team
        4. Building Your Finance Team
        5. Superstars
        6. Develop Your Team
        7. Methods to Develop Your Team
        8. CFO Succession
        9. How Do I Become a CFO?
        10. Your First CFO Role
        11. Conclusion
    12. Bibliography
    13. About the Author
    14. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Guide to CFO Success: Leadership Strategies for Corporate Financial Professionals
    • Author(s): Samuel Dergel
    • Release date: March 2014
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118674994