acquisition methods, 34

adapting to established prices, 10

adequate price competition, 13–15, 77

advance agreements, 50

allocable costs, 50–51

allowable costs, 48–50

analysis of engineering or scientific labor, 122–123

Anti-Deficiency Act, 3

Applicability and Disclosure Statement Requirements, 67

Asset Related Standards, 65–66


Defense Contract Audit Agency, 217–218

determining financial capability, 217

reviewing and approving accounting systems, 216–217

reviewing and evaluating proposed or incurred costs, 215–216

role of, 215

award after discussions, 21

award without discussions, 21


bill of materials, 126–127

Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), 3–4

Board of Contract Appeals (BCA), 195

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 41


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