Transact-SQL Cursor Syntax

A number of commands and functions relate to cursors. Table 14.2 summarizes them. The following subsections cover these commands in more detail.

Table 14.2. Transact-SQL Cursor Commands and Functions
Command or FunctionPurpose
DECLARE CURSORDefines a cursor
OPENOpens a cursor so that data may be retrieved from it
FETCHFetches a single row from the cursor
CLOSECloses the cursor, leaving intact the internal structures that service it
DEALLOCATEFrees the cursor's internal structures
@@CURSOR_ROWSReturns the number of rows exposed by the cursor
@@FETCH_STATUSIndicates the success or failure of the last FETCH
CURSOR_STATUSReports status information for cursors and cursor variables


DECLARE CURSOR defines cursors. There ...

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