How Bad Is the Problem?

To list all the sites that have been hacked would take up several pages, if not an entire book. This section is meant to give a sample of some of the sites that have been hacked to illustrate how bad the problem is.

The examples that follow, which were taken directly off the Internet, range from commercial to government sites, national to international, and entertainment to not-for-profit sites. No one is safe. No market has been spared from hacking. Any company can be hacked if it is connected to the Internet, no matter where it is or what it does. The following is a list of some sites that have been hacked:

  • U.S. Department of Commerce

  • Church of Christ

  • Unicef

  • Valujet

  • NASA

  • United States Air Force

  • CIA

  • Malaysian Government

  • Greenpeace ...

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