UNIX Exploits

Now let’s look at a variety of UNIX exploits. The following are the exploits covered in this section:

  • Aglimpse

  • Campas

  • NetPR

  • Dtprintinfo

  • Sadmind

  • XWindows

  • Solaris Catman Race Condition Vulnerability

  • Multiple Linux Vendor RPC.STATD Exploit


Aglimpse is a CGI exploit that allows the execution of arbitrary commands.

Exploit Details
  • Name: Aglimpse

  • Variants: None

  • Operating System: UNIX and similar OSs

  • Protocols/Services: Port 80 HTTP

Aglimpse is a CGI script for adding functionality to web pages. CGI is a specification for interfacing executable programs with web pages. The aglimpse executable is used by an attacker to execute arbitrary commands on the victim’s server, and it can run those commands with whatever privileges the web ...

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