Tools and Resources

To stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest ethical hacking tools and resources, you need to know where to turn. This appendix contains my favorite security sites, tools, resources, and more that you can benefit from in your ongoing ethical hacking program.

tip.eps This book’s online Cheat Sheet contains links to all the online tools and resources listed in this appendix. Check it out at

Advanced Malware

Bit9 Parity Suite —

Damballa Failsafe —

Sourcefire —


Blooover —

Bluejacking Forums and Community site —

BlueScanner —

Bluesnarfer —

BlueSniper rifle —,review-408.html

BTScanner for XP —

Car Whisperer —

Smurf —


Certified Ethical Hacker —

Certified Information Security Manager —

Certified Information Systems Security Professional — ...

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