Hacking Leadership: The 11 Gaps Every Business Needs to Close and the Secrets to Closing Them Quickly

Book description

Hacking Leadership is Mike Myatt's latest leadership book written for leaders at every level. Leadership isn't broken, but how it's currently being practiced certainly is. Everyone has blind spots. The purpose of Hacking Leadership is to equip leaders at every level with an actionable framework to identify blind spots and close leadership gaps. The bulk of the book is based on actionable, topical leadership and management hacks to bridge eleven gaps every business needs to cross in order to create a culture of leadership: leadership, purpose, future, mediocrity, culture, talent, knowledge, innovation, expectation, complexity, and failure. Each chapter:

  • Gives readers specific techniques to identify, understand, and most importantly, implement individual, team and organizational leadership hacks.

  • Addresses blind spots and leverage points most leaders and managers haven't thought about, which left unaddressed, will adversely impact growth, development, and performance. All leaders have blind-spots (gaps), which often go undetected for years or decades, and sadly, even when identified the methods for dealing with them are outdated and ineffective - they need to be hacked.

  • Showcases case studies from the author's consulting practice, serving as a confidant with more than 150 public company CEOs. Some of those corporate clients include: AT&T, Bank of America, Deloitte, EMC, Humana, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, PepsiCo, and other leading global brands.

  • Hacking Leadership offers a fresh perspective that makes it easy for leaders to create a roadmap to identify, refine, develop, and achieve their leadership potential--and to create a more effective business that is financially solvent and professionally desirable.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Contents
    3. Title
    4. Copyright
    5. Dedication
    6. Prologue
    7. Chapter 1: Hacking the Leadership Gap
      1. Overview—The Commoditization of Leadership
      2. The Leadership Gap Defined
      3. Hacking the Control Gap
      4. The Awareness Gap—Finding the Blind Spots
      5. The Key to Clarity—White Space
      6. Hacking the Status Quo
      7. Hacking the Preparation Gap
    8. Chapter 2: Hacking the Purpose Gap
      1. Following in the Footsteps of Greatness—The Movement Hack
      2. Individual Purpose—Hacking the Purpose Continuum
      3. Hacking the Pursuit Gap
      4. Hacking the Passion Gap
      5. Finding Organizational Purpose Begins with Hacking Why
      6. Hacking the Profit Gap
    9. Chapter 3: Hacking the Future Gap
      1. How to See around Corners—Hacking the Vision Gap
      2. To Hack the Future You Must Have Clear Perspective on the Past
      3. To Hack the Future You Must Understand How to Navigate the Present
      4. Hacking the New Normal
      5. Great Leaders Hack the Future by Pulling It Forward
      6. Hacking Generational Complexity
    10. Chapter 4: Hacking the Mediocrity Gap
      1. Hacking the Impulsivity Gap
      2. Hacking the Impossibility Gap
      3. Hacking the Safety Gap
      4. Hacking Political Correctness
    11. Chapter 5: Hacking the Culture Gap
      1. Hacking the Gap between Strategy and Culture
      2. The Right Foundation—Hacking the Culture Construct
      3. Hacking the Management Construct
      4. Hacking the Scarcity Gap
      5. Hacking the Courage Gap
      6. Hacking the Arrogance Gap
      7. Hacking the Rumor Mill
      8. Hacking Diversity
      9. Hacking Scalability
      10. Hacking the Me Too Gap—Don’t Copy, Create
    12. Chapter 6: Hacking the Talent Gap
      1. Hacking the Trust Gap
      2. Hacking the Loyalty Gap
      3. Hacking the Four Dimensions of Talent
      4. Hacking the Hiring Gap
      5. Hacking the Definition Gap
      6. Hacking the Quality Gap—Supply versus Demand
      7. Hacking the Consensus Gap
      8. Hacking the One-Size-Doesn’t-Fit-All Gap
      9. Hacking the Pressure Gap
      10. Hacking the Turnover Gap
    13. Chapter 7: Hacking the Knowledge Gap
      1. Hacking Static Thinking
      2. Hacking the Decision Gap
      3. Hacking the Competency Gap
      4. Hacking the Learning Gap
      5. Hacking the Reading Gap
      6. Hacking the Communication Gap
      7. Hacking the Sensitivity Gap
      8. Hacking the Story
      9. Hacking Verbosity
    14. Chapter 8: Hacking the Innovation Gap
      1. Hacking the Idea Trap—What Innovation Is Not
      2. Hacking the Change Gap
      3. Hacking the Gap between Incremental and Disruptive
      4. Hacking the Next Level
      5. Hacking the Competition
      6. Hacking the Flexibility Gap
    15. Chapter 9: Hacking the Expectation Gap
      1. Hacking the Alignment Gap
      2. Hacking the Discipline Gap
    16. Chapter 10: Hacking the Complexity Gap
      1. Hacking Complexity
      2. Hacking Smart
    17. Chapter 11: Hacking the Failure Gap
      1. Hacking Perfection
      2. Hacking a Defensive Mind-set
      3. Hacking Succession
    18. Final Thoughts
    19. About the Author
    20. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Hacking Leadership: The 11 Gaps Every Business Needs to Close and the Secrets to Closing Them Quickly
    • Author(s): Mike Myatt
    • Release date: December 2013
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118817414