Chapter 5Uncovering Contact Information

By now, you have all of the information you could possibly need to build highly targeted lists of potential buyers. You have potential targets at all levels within the companies—ideal customer profiles (ICPs), both top-down and bottom-up. You have company names, job titles, and other attributes. The only thing you're missing now is your potential targets' contact information, which is a very important piece of the puzzle.

Remove Duplicates Early On

Before you start gathering contact information, you should build up a number of lists from sources across the Internet, using the tactics from previous chapters in this book. Once you have these lists, it's likely you will have a handful of duplicates. Don't waste time or resources gathering e-mail addresses for the same people multiple times. Instead, quickly remove duplicates from your lists.

My favorite way to remove duplicates from my lists is to use Google Sheets. It recently released new add-ons that you can install easily from Google Sheets in the Google Chrome store. Just click Add-ons in the navigation bar, where File and Edit are, and find the add-on called Remove Duplicates. Once you have that add-on, put all of the sheets together on a master sheet. Then open Remove Duplicates, and run the program to delete duplicate cells.

If your lists are already segmented and you want to keep them separate, create a master sheet and run the program, but don't allow it to delete duplicate cells. ...

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