Chapter 8Outbound E-Mailing and Messaging

This is a long but incredibly important chapter.

To recap where we are at this point in the sales process:

  • You have your list of target companies.
  • You cleaned them for duplicates.
  • You know whom you want to reach at the companies.
  • You have their contact information.
  • You did your research.
  • You have the lists properly segmented.

Now you'll learn:

  • What types of messaging are effective in getting positive responses
  • A/B testing and e-mail optimization
  • What metrics to measure and how to use that information to take action
  • How to set up a cadence and how often and for how long you should send e-mails
  • The top tools in the B2B Sales space and how to use them
  • How to turn negative responses into positive responses

You're ready to start activating your prospects, but before you send anything, you need to focus on your message. There are a lot of resources available that show you how to write cold e-mails.

For subject lines, check out fun and insightful articles from Copyblogger, HubSpot, Buffer, and Quick Sprout.

For the body of the e-mail, I recommend that you check out The Boron Letters and Neville Medhora for AIDA copywriting help. See and for help on writing cold e-mails.

Additional suggested reading in the resources appear in “Resources and Programs” at the end of this book. For now, I am going to focus on the topic of outbound e-mailing. Check out the resources suggested above for sample e-mails.

The ...

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