Chapter 11Nurturing Leads and Sparking Engagement

You're at the point now where you've finally started your outbound e-mail campaigns and are beginning to see responses come in. Maybe your higher-level targets haven't responded yet, but some of your e-mail campaigns are working.

At this point, you'll need to do a balance of prospecting into new leads, nurturing active accounts, and facilitating the deal for engaged potential buyers.

For prospecting into new leads, keep doing what you've been doing: build lists, segment, and test and optimize your e-mail campaigns.

For nurturing active accounts and facilitating the deal, you have a new job to do.

Using Social Media to Trigger Buyer Activity

Even if you haven't spoken to your leads yet, you'll want them to keep seeing your name and your company's name everywhere they go. First, make sure to surround them on social media accounts. Get out there, and engage with them on LinkedIn and Twitter. Don't use Facebook, Instagram, or more personal sites, because that will make you look too much like a stalker.

Figure depicting an example of a Twitter profile (Joe Smith, CEO at BigCo.).

Figure 11.1 Twitter Profile

Like, share, retweet, and favorite your leads' content from time to time, allowing a few days between each post. You can even add this to your outbound e-mail campaign cadence and daily routine. This is a great task for a virtual assistant (VA). If you use a sales automation tool with a live feed, you ...

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