Chapter 15Bonus Sales Hacks

I would like to share a few bonus sales hacks for you to consider building into your sales process.

E-mail Signature

For starters, too many people throw a bunch of images into their e-mail signatures. I don't care if it looks pretty—don't do it. Make your signature as simple as possible. The only thing you should add is a link to recent positive public relations (PR). If the title of the story isn't very good but the article is awesome, change the title in the link that you are sharing.

Example Signature

  1. [Name] | [Twitter Handle]
    1. [Title], [Company name]
    2. [Mobile/Skype] | [Office/Skype]
    3. Forbes Names [Company Name] Top 10 Fastest Growing in 2016, Find Out Why!

Just link to the Forbes article in that example signature, even if it's just a slide in the Forbes article titled “Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies of 2016.”

If you're selling home owners on listing their places as short-term rentals on Airbnb, you can take an article titled, “Airbnb Raises $100 Million to Challenger Hotels,” and link it in your signature with the words “Airbnb Raises $100 Million from Top Investors to Make Home Owners More Money.”

My friend, Scott Britton, does this with his blog to increase traffic to his blog.

Scott explains:

Instead of just linking my signature link to my blog, I link to each post individually following the precursor, “Most Recent Thoughts.” This not only ensures my link appears since it's a new and unseen link, but also provides more compelling copy ...

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