1What Type of Hacker Are You?

Many years ago, I moved into a house that had a wonderful attached garage. It was perfect for parking and protecting my boat and small RV. It was solidly constructed, without a single knot in any of the lumber. The electrical work was professional and the windows were high‐quality and rated for 150 mph winds. Much of the inside was lined with aromatic red cedar wood, the kind that a carpenter would use to line a clothing chest or closet to make it smell good. Even though I can’t hammer a nail straight, it was easy for me to see that the constructor knew what he was doing, cared about quality, and sweated the details.

A few weeks after I moved in, a city official came by and told me that the garage had been illegally constructed many years ago without a permit and I was going to have to tear it down or face stiff fines for each day of non‐compliance. I called up the city to get a variance since it had been in existence for many years and was sold to me as part of my housing purchase. No dice. It had to be torn down immediately. A single day of fines was more than I could quickly make selling any of the scrap components if I took it down neatly. Financially speaking, the sooner I tore it down and had it hauled away, the better.

I got out a maul sledge hammer (essentially a thick iron ax built for demolition work) and in a matter of a few hours had destroyed the whole structure into a heap of wood and other construction debris. It wasn’t lost on me ...

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