Time for action – adding timestamps

We mentioned earlier that there were mechanisms to have file data written in slightly more sophisticated ways. Let's do something very common and write our data into a directory with a dynamically-created timestamp.

  1. Create the following configuration file as agent5.conf:
    agent5.sources = netsource agent5.sinks = hdfssink agent5.channels = memorychannel agent5.sources.netsource.type = netcat agent5.sources.netsource.bind = localhost agent5.sources.netsource.port = 3000 agent5.sources.netsource.interceptors = ts agent5.sources.netsource.interceptors.ts.type = org.apache.flume.interceptor.TimestampInterceptor$Builder agent5.sinks.hdfssink.type = hdfs agent5.sinks.hdfssink.hdfs.path = /flume-%Y-%m-%d agent5.sinks.hdfssink.hdfs.filePrefix ...

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