Chapter 8

Pig: Hadoop Programming Made Easier

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at the Pig architecture

arrow Seeing the flow in the Pig Latin application flow

arrow Reciting the ABCs of Pig Latin

arrow Distinguishing between local and distributed modes of running Pig scripts

arrow Scripting with Pig Latin

Java MapReduce programs (see Chapter 6) and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS; see Chapter 4) provide you with a powerful distributed computing framework, but they come with one major drawback — relying on them limits the use of Hadoop to Java programmers who can think in Map and Reduce terms when writing programs. More developers, data analysts, data scientists, and all-around good folks could leverage Hadoop if they had a way to harness the power of Map and Reduce while hiding some of the Map and Reduce complexities.

As with most things in life, where there’s a need, somebody is bound to come up with an idea meant to fill that need. A growing list of MapReduce abstractions is now on the market — programming ...

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