Chapter 11

Hadoop and the Data Warehouse: Friends or Foes?

In This Chapter

arrow Contrasting the architectural differences between Hadoop and relational databases

arrow Landing enterprise data in Hadoop

arrow Archiving data in Hadoop

arrow Preprocessing data in Hadoop

arrow Discovery and exploration in Hadoop

IT types like us tend to love the latest and greatest new technologies, and when compelling platforms like Hadoop emerge, they’re often accompanied by a significant amount of hype. You might even say that this For Dummies book is part of that hype! When it comes to Hadoop, though, there’s real substance behind the hype. Not convinced? Just look at the increasing numbers of code contributions in the Apache Hadoop projects as well as the adoption rates of Hadoop in medium-to large-size businesses. The consensus is overwhelming: Hadoop is here to stay.

It’s important to understand how any new technology relates to existing technologies and business practices. In the case of Hadoop, you should know how it will ...

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