Chapter 6. Hadoop Ecosystem – Apache Hive

In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Getting started with Apache Hive
  • Creating databases and tables using Hive CLI
  • Simple SQL-style data querying using Apache Hive
  • Creating and populating Hive tables and views using Hive query results
  • Utilizing different storage formats in Hive – storing table data using ORC files
  • Using Hive built-in functions
  • Hive batch mode – using a query file
  • Performing a join with Hive
  • Creating partitioned Hive tables
  • Writing Hive User-defined Functions (UDF)
  • HCatalog – performing Java MapReduce computations on data mapped to Hive tables
  • HCatalog – Writing data to Hive tables from Java MapReduce computations


Hadoop has a family of projects that are either built on ...

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