Quiz 2

1. Six things to know as a salesperson are

A. Product, service, goals, pricing, sales script, great closes.

B. Competition, getting up early, great presentation, features, handling objections.

C. Getting there early, powerful voice, dressing well, good presentation skills, strong closes, utilizing daily planner.

D. Know your product, know the competition, work harder, be organized, be aggressive, and be honest.

2. Honesty is important in sales, because all you have is your

A. Friends and family.

B. Money and lots of it from selling to suckers.

C. Big home and really cool cars.

D. Reputation.

3. A salesperson can learn from kids how to

A. Skateboard.

B. Write a sales proposal.

C. Be fearless and ask probing questions.

D. Be on time for ...

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