Chapter 6

Taking the Exam


check Searching for an exam session

check Registering for a session

check Arriving on the Big Day

After your diligent studies, you find yourself easily passing the online exams by a comfortable margin. Now you’re ready to — drumroll, please! — take the exam.

If you’re part of a class or study group, the exam may already be part of the program. In this case, you’re all set; just show up on time. Skip to the last section of this chapter.

If you’re studying on your own, however, read on. This chapter tells you where and when you can take the exam.

Finding an Exam Session

Fortunately for you, finding a schedule of exam sessions in your area is pretty easy. The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) certified organizations that serve as Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (VECs) are listed on the National Council of VECs (NCVEC; website. (For details on the connection between VECs and licensing exams, see Chapter 4.)

If a VEC in the list is close to you, start by contacting that organization. Many VECs have websites, and all of them have email contacts. Visit the website or send an email that says something like this: “My name is … and I want to ...

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