Chapter 9

Casual Operating


check Operating via repeaters

check Getting your radio ready to use

check Using simplex communication

check Introducing digital voice systems

check Having a conversation

You can dip another toe in the water with this chapter’s review of easygoing operating. The technical aspects of station configuration and operation are covered in Part 4. (Links to even more technical stuff are available on the Ham Radio For Dummies page at

After you tune around the amateur bands for a while, you’ll agree that the lion’s share of the ham’s life is making relaxed, casual contacts. Some contacts are just random “Hello, anybody out there?” encounters. You’ll also hear contacts between hams who are obviously old friends or family members who meet on the air on a regular basis.

In this chapter, you find out about the different ways to conduct these casual contacts. As with most things in life, “There’s kindy a knack to it,” as my dear Aunt Lexie used to say. Learning the ...

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