Hand Held Hollywood’s Filmmaking with the iPad & iPhone

Book Description

Filmmakers love gadgets. We flock to any new technology that demonstrates the slightest potential to help us conceptualize, visualize, and digitize our creative efforts. So why are we neglecting those touch-screen powerhouses hiding in our pockets and backpacks?

It’s time to make a change!

In Hand Held Hollywood’s Filmmaking with the iPad & iPhone, director Taz Goldstein exposes how these remarkable devices can aid in nearly every aspect of film and video production.

Written to empower aspiring filmmakers and reenergize working professionals, this book will help transform your iOS devices into revolutionary filmmaking tools, perfect for brainstorming, screenwriting, pitching, scheduling, storyboarding, camera blocking, shooting, editing, color correcting, mixing, distributing, and more. Time-tested techniques and film theory are woven into an entertaining and informative exploration of nearly 200 mind-blowing apps and accessories.

• Get up to speed quickly with clear, thorough, and friendly descriptions.
• Discover apps and accessories that can lower budgets by replacing thousands of dollars worth of traditional filmmaking equipment and software.
• Start shooting today with a wide range of video camera apps, including specialty tools for variable speed effects, filtering, stabilization, collaborative shooting, and more.
• Whether you’re starting a new video or finishing an existing one, this book features the most helpful apps for your iPad and iPhone—including the iPhone 5.

This unique and often humorous guide will benefit any mobile media maker who wants to get the most out of the technology they already own.


Taz Goldstein has been directing and producing for well over a decade. His award-winning films, television productions, and corporate projects have been enjoyed by millions of viewers worldwide. His popular website, HandHeldHollywood.com, has inspired and empowered a new generation of storytellers, and helped to launch the mobile filmmaking revolution.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
    1. About the Book
    2. Shooting Video with Your iPhone and iPad
    3. A Little Lingo
    4. Info Boxes
    5. Ever-Changing Apps
    6. Where’s Android?
    7. Contacting Me
  7. Part One. Development and Pre-Production
    1. Chapter 1. Stop Playing “Angry Birds” and Write That Script!
      1. Mapping Your Mind
      2. Structuring Your Story
      3. Writing Your Screenplay
      4. Using External Keyboards
      5. Speaking Your Script
    2. Chapter 2. Don’t Just Sit There—Read a Script and Sit There
      1. Reading Screenplays
      2. Annotating Screenplays
      3. Memorizing Screenplays
      4. Finding Screenplays
    3. Chapter 3. Here’s the Pitch!
      1. Presentation Apps
      2. Where to Find Imagery
      3. Following Up
    4. Chapter 4. Prepping the Shoot
      1. Production Directories
      2. Location Scouting
      3. Tech Scouting
      4. Scheduling
      5. Call Sheets
      6. Release Forms and Contracts
      7. Digitizing Dead Trees
      8. A Quick Word About Budgeting
  8. Part Two. Production
    1. Chapter 5. The Director’s Toolkit
      1. Storyboarding for Artists
      2. Storyboarding for Non-Artists
      3. The Ultimate Director’s Viewfinder
      4. Blocking Your Shots
      5. Building a Rodriguez List
    2. Chapter 6. Lights! Camera! Airplane Mode!
      1. Getting the Best Results
      2. The Best Video Camera Apps
      3. Unique Video Cameras
      4. Audio: Half of Good Video
    3. Chapter 7. Mount It, Mod It, and Mic It
      1. Gearing Up Your iPhone
      2. Your iPad, Only Better!
      3. Awesome Extras
      4. Step Up to the Mic
    4. Chapter 8. The Most Versatile Tools on Set
      1. Teleprompters
      2. Creating an Interrotron
      3. Camera Calculations
      4. The Ultimate Slate
      5. Field Monitors and Instant Dailies
      6. Let There Be Light
  9. Part Three. PostProduction and Beyond
    1. Chapter 9. From Mess to Masterpiece
      1. Importing Footage
      2. Color Correcting Your Footage
      3. Editing Footage
      4. Composing the Score
      5. Mixing Your Audio
      6. Editing Extras
      7. Learning More
    2. Chapter 10. It’s Done! Now What?
      1. YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook
      2. Selling Your Work
      3. iPhone Film Festivals
      4. Putting It On-Screen
      5. The Last App in the Book
      6. Additional Resources
      7. Everybody Off the Bus!
  10. Index
  11. Ad Page

Product Information

  • Title: Hand Held Hollywood’s Filmmaking with the iPad & iPhone
  • Author(s): Taz Goldstein
  • Release date: December 2012
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780133094299