Handbook Event Market China

Book description

China’s event market is full of dynamic and exciting developments, innovation, new players and novel ideas, but at the same time of certain shortcomings. This new and huge market is drawing increasing attention from the event industry worldwide. The aim of this handbook is to analyse the Chinese event market, reflect on emerging trends, scrutinise the key players and identify the implica-tions for the education of future professionals in this industry.

This handbook is the first of its kind on the Chinese event market written in English. It is a collection of 27articles written by 39 authors from China, Germany, Malaysia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. The contributions embrace a mix of theoretical and practical reflections, written by academics/lecturers and practitioners alike. The focus lies on business events, such as trade fairs, conventions and corporate events. Some very specifically describe a certain trend or development; others focus on overall trends.

The handbook is divided into four chapters. Following an introductory chapter on the event market, the second chapter focuses on the event market in China from a global perspective. The third chapter reflects on management aspects in China’s event industry. The fourth and final chapter addresses the issue of educating professionals for the event industry.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Editorial
  7. Introduction
    1. The event market: An introduction
  8. The event market China: A global view
    1. The development of Asia-Pacific’s meetings industry
    2. China’s MICE industry: Advancement through reform and opening
    3. Raising the level of market-orientation in the Chinese exhibition industry – based on international experience
    4. The role of China in Germany’s exhibition industry
    5. China’s meetings industry: A future market for Germany
    6. Externalities, market potential and tourism development: Empirical evidence from China
    7. Internationalisation of trade fair organisers – Theoretical considerations and practical implications
    8. The role of the state in the exhibition industry in Germany and China – A reflection based on the varieties of capitalism-approach
    9. Green economy and tourism
    10. China outbound: How China will affect the international meetings industry
  9. Management aspects in China’s event industry
    1. Green meeting standards: A conceptual review
    2. Probe into the Chinese event venue market – From an outside perspective
    3. The Role of a Destination Management Organisation (DMO) in China, taking the example of Shanghai
    4. Opportunities and challenges for Shanghai Disneyland – A stakeholder analysis
    5. The challenges posed by international trade fair projects
    6. Chinese companies at European trade fairs
    7. Why China needs more Professional Congress Organisers (PCOs)
    8. How to organise successful meetings in China
    9. The evolution of the Chinese events market – An agency perspective
    10. A City Brand Personality Model for international event marketing: An empirical research across multiple cultures
  10. Education for China’s event industry
    1. Fit for the future? Some thoughts on event education in a changing world
    2. The event industry and its human resources: A view based on the characteristics of the industry
    3. Education of event management in Germany and China: A comparison
    4. Where do they want to go? Expectations of Chinese talents from their future employer
    5. Learning style of Chinese event management students
    6. Lecturing key competencies in China and the challenge of transnational education
  11. Authors
  12. Endnotes

Product information

  • Title: Handbook Event Market China
  • Author(s): Helmut Schwägermann, Peter Mayer, Yi Ding
  • Release date: December 2015
  • Publisher(s): De Gruyter Oldenbourg
  • ISBN: 9783110398625