Chapter 33

System Gain Structure

by Pat Brown

33.1 Introduction

33.1.1 Interfaces

33.2 Audio Waveform Fundamentals

33.3 Gain Structure

33.4 System Gain Structure

33.5 The Unity Method

33.6 An Optimized Methodv

33.7 Setting the Amplifier Sensitivity

33.8 Power Ratings

33.8.1 Amplifier Power Ratings

33.8.2 Loudspeaker Power Ratings

33.9 Conclusion


33.1 Introduction

This chapter is devoted to the explanation and establishment of the proper gain structure of the sound reinforcement system. It has been the author's experience that sound systems are rarely producing the optimum performance that would be indicated by the specification sheets of the individual components. Tangible improvements in performance can often be achieved by some simple ...

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