Chapter 47

What's the Ear For? How to Protect It


by Les Blomberg and Noland Lewis

47.1 What's the Ear For?

47.1.1 What Does Hearing Damage Sound Like?

47.2 How Loud Is Too Loud? OSHA, NIOSH, EPA, WHO

47.3 Indicators of Hearing Damage

47.4 Protecting Your Hearing

47.4.1 Protecting Concert-Goers and Other Listeners

47.4.2 Protecting the Community

47.5 Too Much of a Good Thing

47.5.1 A Compliance and Enforcement Tool The SLARMSolution™ SLARMSoft™ Software Suite SLARM™ Operation Applications

47.6 Summary

47.1 What's the Ear For?

An ear is for listening, and for the lucky few, listening to music is their job. But an ear is for much more—lose your hearing, and besides not hearing music, you lose your connection ...

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