Chapter 5

Fundamentals of Audio and Acoustics

by Pat Brown

5.1  Introduction

5.2  The Decibel

5.3  Loudness and Level

5.4  Frequency

5.5  Wavelength

5.6  Surface Shapes

5.7  Superposition

5.8  Ohm’s Law

5.9  Human Hearing

5.10  Monitoring Audio Program Material

5.11  Sound Propagation

5.11.1  The Point Source

5.11.2  The Line Source

5.12  Conclusion


5.1  Introduction

Many people get involved in the audio trade prior to experiencing technical education. Those serious about practicing audio dig in to the books later to learn the physical principles underlying their craft. This chapter is devoted to establishing a baseline of technical information that will prove invaluable to anyone working in the audio ...

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