Biochemical catalytic production of biodiesel

C. Luna1, D. Luna2, J. Calero1, F.M. Bautista1, A.A. Romero1, A. Posadillo1,  and C. Verdugo-Escamilla3     1University of Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain     2Seneca Green Catalyst S.L., Córdoba, Spain     3Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain


Biodiesel, a renewable fuel, has great potential in fulfilling an ever-increasing transport fuel demand. The conventional alkaline process for biodiesel production is energy-consuming and generates undesirable by-products. Lipases, due to their catalytic efficiency and specificity, have emerged as a great tool for converting a wide range of feedstock oils to biodiesel. Through enzymatic catalysis, applying lipases (in both free and immobilized form), is viable ...

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