13Impact of e-Business Services on Product Management

Sanchit Sarhadi1 and Priyadarshini Adyasha Pattanaik2*

1Department of Sales, Container Xchange, Hamburg, Germany

2LaTIM INSERM U1101, IMT Atlantique, France


Smart products e-business services impact the manufacturing market in industry 4.0 in international e-business transactions based on smart product service which is booming day by day and gaining prominence value by transforming into the digital realm. The international e-business trade is the most important center of the logistics hub and is one of the main pillar continents of the world. The wave of smart product-service systems (PSS) has enhanced the road to a better international trade environment, to reduce product risks and individual customer satisfaction. This paper explains the strengths and weaknesses of the growing servitization challenges of e-business transactions worldwide by studying two cases of multinational companies which are working smart in the manufacturing sector and by taking interviews with their managers. Smart product servitization has become a key e-business and moved up to the value chain to overcome several barriers associated with the design, management, and delivery of the product. The paper tries to address these challenges by presenting a study and simple flexible multi-faceted assessment model of international e-business product service innovation to provide an effective means for enterprises to enhance their e-business, by ...

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