About the Author
Maria Todd is an award- winning and internationally respected healthcare
business consultant. She frequently presents continuing education work-
shops, seminars, and keynote addresses for international, national, state,
and regional healthcare organizations, investment firms, pharmaceutical and
device manufacturers, and medical staff meetings.
She has been consulting and managing medical groups in healthcare
since shortly after graduation. She’s intimately familiar with the brand-
building power of a successful marketing strategy and leading- edge inno-
vation in healthcare. She built her first concierge medical practices and
amenities- based practices internationally in the 1990s. They simply weren’t
called concierge then; they were called private practices because the alter-
native was the public health, single- payer system. Maria often says, “If you
wait long enough, you see things rotate back through again. I see cycles
and recycles in healthcare (like independent practice associations [IPAs], and
accountable care organizations [ACOs], for example). We’ll continue to see it
until someone breaks the mold.Grab a hammer!
Maria is the author of several commercially published, peer- reviewed
books on myriad topics in healthcare business management, including the
industrys top books on managed care, physician employment contracting,
physician integration and alignment, medical tourism, and this latest title on
concierge medicine. Her work is easily found on the Internet.
Maria strives to be accessible to individual practitioners. She maintains
a popular website that attracts more than 1,000 visitors a day and provides
training through her website and private workshops and webinars. She
blogs regularly at http://mercuryadvisorygroup.com, contributes actively on
LinkedIn, and works one- on- one with clinicians across the country and
throughout the world. Through her consulting firm, Mercury Advisory
Group, she has been instrumental in building concierge medical practices,
clinics, and hospitals throughout the United States and abroad. She also
xviiiAbout the Author
works on healthcare projects in the developing world, primarily in Asia
and Africa.
Her clients benefit from dozens of checklists, templates, and worksheets
that can bring order out of the chaos that accompanies most concierge medi-
cine transition and marketing/ promotion projects.

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