Chapter 3
Turning Crisis into Opportunity
If you are reading this book, chances are high that you are at least consider-
ing entrepreneurship. In the exercises that await you in this book, you will
work through several steps, among them, building a vision for your practice
and developing the skills to get you there.
The rest of this book will provide insight, perspective, and how- to skills
starting from suggested ways to critically evaluate what you find through
Internet research, blogs, books, and the suggestions of well- meaning friends,
family, acquaintances, and the media.
Immediately following Chapter4, I will assign some pen- and- paper exer-
cises starting with your ideal practice vision as an initial tool upon which
other exercises will be built. In Chapter4, I will try to persuade you to
adopt my thinking about being flexible in your product design and strategy,
and to evaluate opportunities, not all of which may apply to your spe-
cific situation.
Youll need to develop some business skills that you may already have,
other skills, and concepts to which you may never have been previously
exposed. You are a healing artist about to engage in the business of health-
care. Here is where the rubber meets the road. Most likely you were sent
from the hallowed halls of your medical training without the complete set
of necessary skills to earn a living to pay back your student loans. This is
not impossible. You are intelligent, this is a requirement, you wont succeed
without it. There is help available in the form of coaches, hired professionals
(accountants, lawyers, and consultants), but you must choose wisely where
you obtain competent counsel from others and how much you agree to pay
for it.
40Handbook of Concierge Medical Practice Design
You probably already know the gripping paralysis of fear. You must learn
to think critically, and identify fallacy when you encounter it so you can
compartmentalize it as such. If you don’t take care with this, your strategy
and all your assumptions and expenditures to support a flawed strategy that
follows could be imperiled.
You will learn how to elegantly and ethically market your product and
cast any preconceived notions or disdain for marketing to the side in favor
of approaching marketing as education. Promotion and advertising is very
different from marketing. I will cover the differences and how branding,
advertising, marketing, promotion, and public relations all fit together. Your
job will be to take that training and decide how to use it in a way that feels
natural and honest to you.
All businesses, whether they are a medical practice or a shoe store or a
hamburger stand, have a common thread that includes a purpose, structure,
needs, and goals. If you are a reader who is a physician based in the United
States, many things that you may want to do in your private practice may
make business sense in a capitalist society but may be illegal because there
may be regulatory constraints that prohibit you from making certain offers
or selling certain services to groups of individuals or advertising in a particu-
lar way. The same offer in Spain or Colombia or Dubai, India, South Africa,
Australia, or Peru may be totally permissible and within the law.

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