Chapter 11

Taxes and Corporate Finance

John R. Graham*    Fuqua School of Business, Duke University* I thank Roseanne Altshuler, Alan Auerbach, Alon Brav, Merle Erickson, Ben Esty, Mary Margaret Frank, Michelle Hanlon, Cam Harvey, Steve Huddart, Ravi Jagannathan, Mark Leary, Jennifer Koski, Alan Kraus, Ed Maydew, Bob McDonald, Roni Michaely, Lil Mills, Kaye Newberry, Maureen O’Hara, Jeff Pittman, Michael Roberts, Doug Shackelford, and Terry Shevlin for helpful comments. I also thank Tao Lin, Rujing Meng, and especially Vinny Eng and Krishna Narasimhan for their excellent research assistance. I apologize to those who feel that their research has been ignored or misrepresented. Any errors are mine. A more focused version of some of the material in ...

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