Chapter 16

Hypervisors, Virtualization, and Networking

Bhanu Prakash Reddy Tholeti,      Systems Engineer, IBM Corporation

This chapter discusses the role of hypervisors and virtual Ethernet switches in modern data center networks. Topics include Type 1 and Type 2 hypervisors, and discussion of the major hypervisors in use today (including PowerVM, KVM, VMware, Xen, and zVM). This chapter also discusses virtual local area networks and other types of network virtualization and encapsulation; virtual Ethernet adapters (VNICs) including VLAG and IPv6 considerations; shared I/O adapters including SR-IOV and MR-IOV; ESX Server virtualization; sockets and VDE industry standards such as IEEE 802.1Q, EVB, VDP, VEB, and VEPA for virtual Ethernet switches; ...

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