Introduction to Regulation

Overview by Mark J. Flannery

University of Florida

10. Consolidation in the U.S. Banking Industry: Is the “Long, Strange Trip” About to End? 309

Kenneth D. Jones (FDIC) and Tim Critchfield (FDIC)

11. Safety, Soundness, and the Evolution of the U.S. Banking Industry 347

Robert DeYoung (University of Kansas)

12. What Caused the Bank Capital Buildup of the 1990s? 375

Mark J. Flannery (University of Florida) and Kasturi P. Rangan (Harvard Business School)

13. Basel II: A Case for Recalibration 413

Paul H. Kupiec (FDIC)

The four chapters in this section shed light on various aspects of the U.S. regulatory system. The first two discuss the causes and consequences of recent changes in the structure of the U.S. banking ...

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