Chapter 3. Business Perspectives for Performance Technologists

Kenneth H. Silber, Lynn Kearny

Since the 1970s, many human performance technology (HPT) authors have been suggesting two ideas: (1) that a key component of success in HPT practice is the ability to consult well with clients, and (2) that a key component of consulting with HPT clients is to understand their business and their language (Bratton, 1995; Liang and Schwen, 1997; Deden-Parker, 1981; Deden-Parker, Bratton, and Silber, 1980; Hartt and Rossett, 2000; Hedberg, 1980; International Board of Standards for Training Performance and Instruction, 1999; International Society for Performance Improvement, 2002; Katz, 1978; Price, 1978; Silber, 1975, 1978a, 1978b, 1980a, 1980b, 1982a, 1982b, ...

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