Morphological Filtering for Image Enhancement and Feature Detection

Petros Maragos,     National Technical University of Athens

1 Introduction

2 Morphologic Image Operators

2.1 Morphologic Filters for Binary Images

2.2 Morphologic Filters for Gray-Level Images

2.3 University of Morphologic Operators

2.4 Median, Rank, and Stack Filters

2.5 Morphologic Operators and Lattice Theory

3 Morphologic Filters for Image Enhancement

3.1 Noise Suppression and Image Smoothing

3.2 Connected Filters for Smoothing and Simplification

3.3 Contrast Enhancement

4 Morphologic Operators for Template Matching

4.1 Morphologic Correlation

4.2 Binary Object Detection and Rank Filtering

4.3 Hit-Miss Filter

5 Morphologic Operators for Feature Detection.

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