Joint Source-Channel Coding for Video Communications

Fan Zhai,     Texas Instruments

Yiftach Eisenberg and Aggelos K. Katsaggelos,     Northwestern University

1 Introduction

2 On Joint Source-Channel Coding

2.1 Rate-Distortion Theory

2.2 Practical Constraints in Video Communications

2.3 Illustration

3 Video Compression and Transmission

3.1 Video Transmission System

3.2 Video Compression Basics

3.3 Channel Models

3.4 End-to-End Distortion

3.5 Error Resilient Source Coding

4 Channel Coding

4.1 Forward Error Correction

4.2 Retransmission

5 Joint Source-Channel Coding

5.1 Problem Formulation

5.2 Internet Video Transmission

5.3 Wireless Video Transmission

6 Discussion


1 Introduction

The compression or coding of a signal ...

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