The Handbook of Information Security is the first comprehensive examination of the core topics in the security field. The Handbook of Information Security, a 3-volume reference work with 207 chapters and 3300+ pages, is a comprehensive coverage of information, computer, and network security.

The primary audience is the libraries of 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities with computer science, MIS, CIS, IT, IS, data processing, and business departments; public, private, and corporate libraries throughout the world; and reference material for educators and practitioners in the information and computer security fields.

The secondary audience is a variety of professionals and a diverse group of academic and professional course instructors.

Among the industries expected to become increasingly dependent upon information and computer security and active in understanding the many issues surrounding this important and fast-growing field are: government, military, education, library, health, medical, law enforcement, accounting, legal, justice, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, communications, transportation, aerospace, energy, biotechnology, retail, and utility.

Each volume incorporates state-of-the-art, core information, on computer security topics, practical applications and coverage of the emerging issues in the information security field.

This definitive 3-volume handbook offers coverage of both established and cutting-edge theories and developments in information, ...

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