Groupware: Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities in the Internet Age

Pierre Balthazard, Arizona State University

John Warren, University of Texas, San Antonio


Why Groupware?

Groupware and Security

Slammer: The First Flash Attack Worm

Defining the Problem

DoS Attack

Solutions for Security Problems

Defining and Classifying Groupware in the Internet Age

Groupware Functionalities in the Internet Age

Common Groupware Functionalities

Cutting-Edge Groupware Functionalities

System Profile: Lotus Notes/Domino—A Database-Oriented Portal

Featured Systems: GroupSystems, Groove

Virtual Office, and Kubi Client

Mapping Groupware Functionality to Work Processes

Groupware Management Issues: Productivity and Organizational Effects

Groupware and Productivity

Organizational Effects of Groupware



Cross References


Further Reading


Groupware refers to computer- and network-based technologies that help people accomplish a group's objective. Some forms provide greater support for real-time collaboration (such as electronic meeting support systems, chat rooms, shared whiteboards, and real-time videoconferencing) than others, some can support the individual's work, as well as work that can only be accomplished collaboratively (collective writing, for example). Helping people who are in the same place at the same time (meetings, for example) is the forte of some types of groupware, whereas other forms excel at connecting group members who might be continents ...

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