Search Engines: Security, Privacy, and Ethical Issues

Raymond Wisman, Indiana University Southeast


Why Search


Internet Fundamentals

Search Engine Fundamentals



Privacy and Security


Search Engine



Web Site

Web Site Discovery

What Search Engines Search

What Search Engines Ignore

Measuring Success and Tracking Visits


Search Ethics



Cross References


Further Reading


Serious discussion of security for any system must confront two central issues: what is at risk and defenses that can reduce risk. Understanding the value of a thing to an attacker is necessary to understanding the risk. Risk never can be eliminated but, when the degree of risk is understood, risk can be managed by a balanced defense against attacks. The key is to prevent a ruinous failure, often by providing multiple layers of defense and risk management. Willie Sutton, though wrongly attributed the quote on robbing banks “Because that's where the money is” understood the reason to attack a bank (Sutton and Linn, 1976). Banks knowingly create risk by accumulating large amounts of cash in one location both for customer convenience and to manage risk economically through several defensive layers such as safes, guards, and the legal threat of incarceration. Despite these defenses, robbers still launch successful attacks, but banks still remain open and operate at a profit. Banks and bank robbers will be with us ...

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