Wireless Internet: A Cellular Perspective

Abbas Jamalipour, University of Sydney, Australia


Changes in Network Protocol Stack

Next-Generation Networks and the Mobile Internet

Chapter Outline

Heterogeneous Next-Generation Wireless


Wireless Local Area Networks

Ad Hoc Networking Using Wireless LANs

IEEE 802.11 Specifications

WLAN for the Mobile Internet

Technical Requirements of Mobile Internet


Mobility Management

Resource Management

QoS Management During Handover

Internetworking of the Heterogeneous Wireless Internet

Internetworking Through IPv6

Technical Issues with Internetworking

Layer Functionalities

Message Interfaces Between Layers

Augmentated Mobility, Resource, and QoS Management

Mobility Management

Resource Management

Quality of Service

QoS-Enabled Handover

Mobile Terminal Architecture

Reliable Multicasting




Cross References



The wireless mobile Internet, which was a dream only a few years ago, is now progressing so fast that it could revolutionize the whole framework of the telecommunication industry. The wireless mobile Internet is not only an extension of the Internet into the mobile environment that gives users access to the Internet services while they are on the move, it is also about integrating the Internet and telecommunications technologies into a single system that covers all communications needs of human. With the extensive progress achieved during the past decade in ...

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