Security of Satellite Networks

Michele Luglio, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Antonio Saitto, Telespazio


Short History of Satellite Communications

Why and When to Use Satellites

Satellite System Characteristics


Space Segment

Terrestrial Segment

Physical Layer

MAC Layer

Network Layer

Transport Layer

Application Layer


Spectrum Allocation

Satellite and Security: Reference Scenario

Security and Communications in the New Century

Effectiveness of Satellite on Security for Public and Private Users

Importance of Satellite Systems in the Process of O2DA

Communication, Transmission, and Information Security

Effectiveness of Satellite System Characteristics on Security Provision

Intrinsic Security

Security Management

Communication Security Implementation

Transmission Security

Network Security

Security Provision to Other Networks

Secure Systems and Applications Implemented Using Satellites

Elements on Military Satellites

Communications and Transmission Security

Navigation and Remote Sensing Satellites



Cross References



The use of man-made satellites for telecommunication purposes started in the second half of the past century, with the requirement to greatly enlarge the visibility range between two earth stations utilizing the radio spectrum as propagation means and to overcome the limitations imposed by the Earth's spherical nature. For many years, satellite systems have been conceived as an alternative to terrestrial ...

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