Recordkeeping, Training and Inspections, Accident Investigation and Reporting

7.1 Introduction

Occupational injury and illness records have several distinct functions or uses. One use is to provide information to employers whose employees are being injured or made ill by hazards in their workplace. The information in safety records makes employers more aware of the kinds of injuries and illnesses occurring in the workplace and the hazards that cause or contribute to them. When employers analyze and review the information in their records, they can identify and correct hazardous workplace conditions on their own. Injury and illness records are also an essential tool to help employers manage their company health and safety programs effectively.

Employees who have information about the occupational injuries and illnesses occurring in their workplace are also better informed about the hazards they face. They are therefore more likely to follow safe work practices and to report workplace hazards to their employers. When employees are aware of workplace hazards and participate in the identification and control of those hazards, the overall level of safety and health in the workplace improves.

This part provides procedures and recommended protocols for documentation, reporting and accident investigations.

7.2 Safety Recordkeeping Practices and Protocols

The extent of occupational illness and injury is much greater than government statistics indicate. The problem is recognized in the ...

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