Markus Asper

25Rhetorik als Literatur. Streifzüge durch Handbücher

Anmerkung: Ich danke Frau Eva María Mateo Decabo für vielfältige Hilfe und den Herausgebern für die willkommene Einladung, mich an diesem Projekt zu beteiligen.

Abstract: (Ancient) rhetorical handbooks exhibit techniques and strategies that make them part of ‘literature‘. Mostly by looking at two fourth-century handbooks, Aristotle’s Rhetoric and Anaximenes’ Tekhnē, this paper searches for ‘the literary’ in these texts. I concentrate on four focus points: (i) the construction of several forms of presence, of authors and addressees, that is, of voices; (ii) procedures and problems that come with introducing new terms, especially metaphorical ones; (iii) narratives that are embedded ...

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