Hands-On Auto DevOps with GitLab CI

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Jump-start your application development with automated continuous integration and deployment!

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  • Create an automated DevOps pipeline using GitLab CI.
  • Deploy GitLab CI runners for virtualized and containerized builds.
  • Get started fast with gitlab.com, then learn how to deploy your own GitLab server.

In Detail

Developing modern software requires an automated pipeline that builds, tests, and deploys your application, complete with its required infrastructure. GitLab is a Git-based version control server, available at gitlab.com or as a private server. GitLab CI provides automated builds and deployments right from within GitLab. With GitLab CI, it is easy to add build and deployment automation that triggers on every code change, helping you build high-quality, reliable software and deploy it to production at speed. This course will give you a hands-on tutorial on GitLab CI. You will use GitLab CI to create a DevOps pipeline to automatically build, test, and deploy software to virtual machines and container environments.

You will explore the features of GitLab CI, including using runners to execute build jobs, creating multi-stage builds, and deploying to virtualized and containerized environments. You will see how easy it is to get started with GitLab CI by deploying your own runners in cloud environments or on your own servers, using Docker and Kubernetes or ordinary scripting.

By the end of this course, you'll be ready to use GitLab CI for your own applications to automate your build and deployment pipelines.


This course is for application developers and DevOps team members who need to build, test, and deploy software. Basic familiarity with version control in Git will help. The examples will build and test a JavaScript application, but you don't need to know any JavaScript to follow along.

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  • Title: Hands-On Auto DevOps with GitLab CI
  • Author(s): Alan Hohn
  • Release date: March 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838554644