Hands-on AWS Auto Scaling Labs: Essential Lab Exercises

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2.5+ Hours of Video Instruction

Master AWS Auto Scaling with immersive hands-on labs to dynamically adjust compute resources, optimize application performance, and excel in scalable, resilient cloud solutions.


Develop your AWS Auto Scaling skills with Hands-on AWS Auto Scaling Labs: Essential Lab Exercises Video Course. Designed for cloud professionals, this course is essential for optimizing application performance, availability, and cost-effectiveness in cloud environments. AWS Auto Scaling enables the automatic adjustment of compute resources based on demand, ensuring that applications can efficiently handle varying workloads. Understanding Auto Scaling is also essential for designing resilient and dynamically scalable architectures.

Hands-on Lab exercises are integral to this course, providing practical experience in configuring, testing, and fine-tuning Auto Scaling policies. Detailed lab manuals and video demonstrations lead you through dynamic labs, empowering you to confidently implement and optimize AWS Auto Scaling solutions.

The course begins with foundational concepts as you create a launch template and set up an auto scaling group. Hands-on Lab 1 guides you through creating a simple auto scaling group, ensuring you grasp core configuration steps for dynamic resource management. Lesson 2 expands your skills by exploring scaling policies such as target tracking, simple scaling, step scaling, and predictive scaling. Hands-on Labs 2 and 3 provide practical exercises tailored to different workload demands. In Lab 4, you will integrate Spot Instances into Auto Scaling Groups to demonstrate cost-effective scaling strategies.

Lesson 3 introduces the integration of Load Balancers with Auto Scaling to enhance application availability and scalability. You will create Target Groups, configure Load Balancers, and set up Launch Templates and Auto Scaling Groups in Hands-on Lab 5.

In Lesson 4, you will learn essential monitoring and maintenance practices for Auto Scaling Groups. Hands-on Lab 6 explores effective monitoring techniques to track and manage Auto Scaling operations. Lab 7 emphasizes updating Launch Templates and performing instance refreshes to maintain optimized configurations.

The course concludes with guidance on responsibly cleaning up AWS resources to avoid unnecessary charges, reinforcing best practices in cloud resource management. By completing these labs, you will deepen your understanding of AWS Auto Scaling and gain practical proficiency in configuring, monitoring, and optimizing scalable architectures.

About the Instructor

Rick Crisci is the owner of TrainerTests.com, a leading online learning and test preparation platform. His original courses have been featured on multiple platforms including Pearson, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy. Rick has created over 40 courses and has taught over 400,000 students. Rick is also the co-author of AWSCertified SysOps Administrator - Associate Exam Cram.

After over 15 years of real-world info systems and telecommunications experience, Rick became a VMware Certified instructor in 2013. Shortly after, he became an AWS Certified instructor. He taught directly for AWS and VMware for years, and now creates his own original training content. His courses are focused on hands-on skills and simplifying complex topics.

Rick’s company, TrainerTests.com, provides video training, practice exams, and live training services. Rick has created many AWS courses for this platform including AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, Certified Network Specialty, Certified Security Specialty, Reducing AWS costs, and much more.

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Learn How To

  • Create a Launch Template for configuring Auto Scaling groups.
  • Set up an Auto Scaling Group to manage compute resources dynamically.
  • Practice creating a simple Auto Scaling Group to understand core configuration steps.
  • Configure Target Tracking and Simple Scaling policies for efficient resource management.
  • Implement Simple Scaling policies to dynamically adjust resource capacity.
  • Configure Step Scaling policies to handle workload increases in predefined steps.
  • Configure Predictive Scaling to anticipate resource needs based on historical data.
  • Apply Step and Predictive Scaling policies to optimize resource allocation.
  • Integrate Spot Instances into Auto Scaling Groups for cost-effective scaling strategies.
  • Demonstrate cost-effective scaling using Spot Instances.
  • Create Target Groups and Load Balancers to enhance application availability and scalability.
  • Set up Network Load Balancer integration with Auto Scaling Groups.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for AWS beginners, intermediate students, AWS Solutions Architects, and AWS SysOps Administrators. It is also beneficial for cloud professionals working towards AWS certifications like AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator.

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  • Title: Hands-on AWS Auto Scaling Labs: Essential Lab Exercises
  • Author(s): Richard Crisci
  • Release date: June 2024
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0135356865