In Chapter 2, Smart Contract Fundamentals, and Chapter 3, Implementing Smart Contracts Using Vyper, you used the Truffle console to interact with the smart contract. Now, we are going to use another software to interact with the smart contract. The software we will use is Mist, an Ethereum wallet.

For this, go to https://github.com/ethereum/mist/releases. If you use Linux Ubuntu, download the Mist-linux64-0-11-1.deb file.

Ensure that geth is already installed and that the path of geth is in the $PATH environment variable, so that you can call geth from anywhere.

You can then install Mist, as follows:

$ dpkg -i Mist-linux64-0-11-1.deb

Next, run the application, as follows:

$ ethereumwallet --rpc /tmp/geth.ipc

Notice the --rpc /tmp/geth.ipc ...

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