Database installation and configuration

Having installed Docker on your machine, it's time to run the containerized version of PostgreSQL, as follows:

  1. Open a new Terminal window and launch the following command:
$ docker run --name postgres_thorntail \-e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgresPwd -e POSTGRES_DB=football_players_registry \-d -p 5532:5432 postgres

This command will trigger a pull from Docker's public registry for the PostgreSQL version labeled as the latest, downloading all of the layers that it needs to run the container on, as depicted in the following output:

Unable to find   image 'postgres:latest' locally   latest: Pulling from library/postgres   683abbb4ea60: Pull complete   c5856e38168a: Pull complete   c3e6f1ceebb0: Pull complete 3303bcd00128: ...

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